Hi, I'm Rachel!
I like to write, paint with watercolors, entertain, explore new cities, style photos, and cook with anybody I love even moderately like. This blog is a place where it's totally okay to shrug off all pretenses, admit you love carbs and veggies, ask what the heck harissa is, and wear whatever you feel like. I kind of view L&G as a massive, on-going party to celebrate the beauty of good food, the stories behind good food, the community built while sharing good food, and occasionally even the sketches made of good food! I believe that there's something soul-nourishing that happens when people eat a meal together and it's my goal in life to share the love of Christ with everyone who sits at my table through that homely sense of familiar, small joy.
I love music with strong lyrics, historic sites, clever words, wild-flowers, people who text me first, the Myers-Briggs personality test, pretty lattes, perfect sourdough toast, ripe pineapples, and heist movies (among a lot of other things - I'm an ENFP, it's a struggle).
Most of my posts involve food and the people who make (or eat) it. A lot of my recipes are inspired by a particular color, the world around me, the books I'm reading, or a random brain-child born while doing something important. I love to cook seasonally with as much local produce & meat as possible, some of which is grown or raised on the slice of Virginia farmland where I still live at home with (much of) my sprawling family. I call the Tidewater Region of VA my own and have lived here all my life. Virginia will always be my favorite, though I love to travel and frequently spread my wings for flights of all lengths.

Welcome to the L&G crew - I can't wait to get to know you better!

- Continue the Party -

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