Hi, I'm Rachel!
I like to write, paint with watercolors, entertain, explore new cities, style photos, and cook with anybody I love even moderately like. I live in Chesapeake, Virginia, with my husband Andrew and a rickety od black cat. This blog is a place where it's totally okay to shrug off all pretenses, admit you love carbs and veggies, ask what the heck za'atar is, and wear whatever you feel like. I kind of view L&G as a massive, on-going party to celebrate the beauty of good food, the stories behind good food, the community built while sharing good food, and occasionally even the sketches made of good food! I believe that there's something soul-nourishing that happens when people eat a meal together and it's my goal in life to share the love of Christ with everyone who sits at my table through that homely sense of familiar, small joy.

Most of my posts involve food and the people who make (or eat) it. A lot of my recipes are inspired by a particular color, the world around me, the books I'm reading, or a random brain-child born while doing something important. I love to cook seasonally with as much local produce & meat as possible. I call the Tidewater Region of VA my own and have lived here all my life. Virginia will always be my favorite, though I love to travel and frequently spread my wings for flights of all lengths.

Welcome to the L&G crew - I can't wait to get to know you better!

- Continue the Party -

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