To Roast A Chicken: Peace Work

The world is in an uproar. My eyes are fixed on Ukraine, as are everybody's right now, and I confess I find it a bit hard to do normal things in the normal way and act like there isn't a horrible thing going on across the world. And yet, we still must eat. We must make for ourselves and those close to us the foods we wish we could make for the poor families standing frozen at the country's borders or the brave fighters under siege in Kiev. In days when we are reminded once again that we live in a broken world much in need of redemption, food helps.

Familiar, almost ritualistic foods are the best sort for comfort in times like these. When I think of comfort food, I think of a roasted chicken. There's just something about the slow, methodical process that calms the nerves. I recently wrote a piece on this subject and submitted it to an online magazine, but it was declined. Honestly, that's okay. Because the piece feels right for today, and I'm content to share it here and hope that you will roast a chicken for yourself, or a neighbor, or a friend who is worried about family back in Europe. The point of this piece is less a recipe and more a pep-talk to assure you that you can (and shall!) roast an entire chicken without any fear or apprehension about the process. I hope that you will enjoy it, and that you will be well.

We can't do a lot, but what little we can, I hope we will do bravely.

Begin with a simple thing, and continue creating pools of light and peace where you stand. It all matters more than you realize.

a beautiful example of Petrykivka folk art, from Ukraine