A List of Cozy Things

Today in Virginia we have snow.

That is not exactly accurate.

Today in Virginia we have cold air and the hope of snow. Projections are changing constantly: will we get ten inches? Four inches? No inches? Last night's snow never really came, at least not like it meant it. The only thing currently snow-covered are our car windshields. We haven't moved the cars because we are off work because of the snow. Which, as we've established before, isn't here yet. But of course I'm not complaining. Andrew, who is from Buffalo, is lifetime-tired of snow and doesn't understand our Southern excitement, nor why we'd close down the entire city before snow which might not happen. But Andrew does love a good day off of work, so he is also uncomplaining. Today's post isn't going to be a recipe, really. I'll link to lots of recipes, things we've been cooking or hope to cook soon, along with other things that have caught my attention since last writing. Let's call this "A List of Cozy Things" and get going!

The New Year and Sushi Bowls

a recent wedding cake

Happy New Year 2022! 

I look forward to the fresh start that January brings and have been enjoying the first few days of it.

Maybe what we like about January isn't the fresh start as much as the total lack of expectations that you will be doing anything social or indeed even leave your house (post-workday) after two months of having nothing but social engagements and being out of the house. You finally have time to tidy, and maintain the tidiness.

Reflecting on things now, I don't think that I folded a single load of clean laundry in the month of December. I washed and dried laundry, of course, I just never folded it. We could blame this on the fact that I was sick, or we could be honest and blame it on the fact that I loathe nothing quite so much as stopping to fold and put away clean laundry. Seems rude that laundry isn't content to be washed and dried and clean; it must also be pandered to. Bit too much for me, that. I am content (during times of Busy Schedules) to pluck what I want to wear from the ever-more-wrinkled stash in the laundry baskets and move on with my life. Frankly, I never give the clean laundry a second thought apart from the five minutes I am picking through the hamper, absolutely positive that my pink sweatshirt was here yesterday morning, or casting about for a fluffy, fresh towel when it's showering time. Possibly the TikTok therapists would tell me I have issues with object permanence. Possibly they would be correct.