Avocado Toast For Two

photo by our incredible photographer Victoria

Hello, all my neglected blog friends! I know that I said I would update you in the process of setting up our house, wedding plans, all that jazz but let's be real: I wasn't going to do that, barring a miracle. I am much too human, much too fallible, to be relied upon to provide miracles. Instead, I offer an apology and a promise to do better. I'm married now (that's a meaty, glamorous blog post for another time) and I have more chutzpah for things like blogging and being consistent about it. Here is a timeline run-down of the big things that have gone on since writing last:
- we went house hunting
- we put an offer on a house
- our offer was accepted
- Andrew & Co. got Covid so
- we closed on our house in separate cars in the law firm parking lot
- spent Christmas and New Years apart
- I painted and otherwise prepped our house while Andrew tried not to wither away from Covid
- packed up my apartment, barely surviving not seeing my fiance for an entire month while he nursed his parents back to health (I'd suck at the military wife life)
- I moved into our house
- we re-planned our wedding again and again
- had a lot of tears but also plenty of laughs
- began to get excited at last about our Very Different From Originally Planned wedding
- moved Andrew's things in
- went on our honeymoon to Charleston, SC
-  came home and went back to our full-time jobs
- my car broke down twice
- we've settled in together, had lots of fun, and are now just enjoying being married!

So anyway, forgive me for dropping you as hard as Taylor Swift has dropped albums this past year (though to much less satisfaction). I'm here, I'm feeling strong, and I've got lots of food for us to talk about together! On a real-real level, thank you for your patience and friendship while I made my world very small and went in to unannounced survival mode. I sense a season of thriving on the horizon and I'm so excited to share it with you and be able to give you what you really deserve in this blog experience. Anyway, enough preamble. Today we've got  a small, easy, hardly-a-recipe recipe for my favorite avocado toast! It's copped from an Ottolenghi tradition, and it's the tastiest way to eat avocado on toast, I promise. The secret lies in the addition of....butter. Trust me! And if you don't trust me, trust a world-famous Israeli chef and restauranteur. I hope you make this toast situation this weekend - the topping choices are as varied and endless as your personalities and imaginations, but here I've suggested crushed red pepper flakes and a jammy, soft-boiled egg. Your choice! Equally delicious is a bacon & sprouts situation, some goat cheese, or even sundried tomatoes! 

Avocado Toast For Two

1 large, ripe avocado
2 Tbs. unsalted butter, very soft
1 lime, zested & squeezed
a pinch or two of kosher salt
1 generous slice of good bread, toasted
red pepper flakes
  1. Halve the avocado and remove pit, then scoop the avocado into a medium-sized bowl. With a large wooden spoon, mash it until fairly smooth. Add the softened butter and whip together until creamy and smooth. 
  2. Add lime juice and zest, and salt to taste.
  3. Spread generously onto toasted bread and top with red pepper flakes to taste. Bonus points if you decide to soft-boil and egg and split it over your toast. Just a hint.


  1. Rachel!! It's your blog! So, I DON'T use butter in my avocado toast, but I'm definitely going to try this. I do have a couple of secrets in mine, though, and Jen - an avocado toast aficionado - says it's her favorite! Should I tell you, or just make it for you and let you guess?!?!

    1. By the way, this is Gary. It says "unknown", but it's me.

  2. I don't blame you for dropping your blog, you had so much going on. And I'm so happy for you! You guys make a beautiful couple.
    Can't wait to try the avocado toast!

    1. Thank you so much, Skye! I am sorry it's taken me so long to respond to your kind words!

  3. I'm so happy for you, Rachel! I know this is an old post but I don't have an Instagram to catch up with you on. I've been following your blog since the Inkpen Authoress and read all your books. It's so wonderful to see you fall in love and get married, and I hope God blesses you and Andrew so much through the coming years. You were an absolutely lovely bride! ♥

    1. Abby, thank you for this wonderful dose of nostalgia and well wishes! The few people who have been along for the ride since my days of planning to be a full-time novelist are SO PRECIOUS to me and I'm super thankful for you! What a time to be alive! Haha.