Avocado Toast For Two

photo by our incredible photographer Victoria

Hello, all my neglected blog friends! I know that I said I would update you in the process of setting up our house, wedding plans, all that jazz but let's be real: I wasn't going to do that, barring a miracle. I am much too human, much too fallible, to be relied upon to provide miracles. Instead, I offer an apology and a promise to do better. I'm married now (that's a meaty, glamorous blog post for another time) and I have more chutzpah for things like blogging and being consistent about it. Here is a timeline run-down of the big things that have gone on since writing last:
- we went house hunting
- we put an offer on a house
- our offer was accepted
- Andrew & Co. got Covid so
- we closed on our house in separate cars in the law firm parking lot
- spent Christmas and New Years apart
- I painted and otherwise prepped our house while Andrew tried not to wither away from Covid
- packed up my apartment, barely surviving not seeing my fiance for an entire month while he nursed his parents back to health (I'd suck at the military wife life)
- I moved into our house
- we re-planned our wedding again and again
- had a lot of tears but also plenty of laughs
- began to get excited at last about our Very Different From Originally Planned wedding
- moved Andrew's things in
- went on our honeymoon to Charleston, SC
-  came home and went back to our full-time jobs
- my car broke down twice
- we've settled in together, had lots of fun, and are now just enjoying being married!