New Era, Same Hunger

On October 1st when I announced that I was leaving social media for an indeterminate length of time, I really didn't know how I felt about it. I knew that I needed to leave (for the time being), and even on some level that I wanted to leave. But the night before signing out, I got such an intense case of FOMO that I had to text Andrew about it simply to cool the panic. I've always feared disconnection from the people and things I love...I wondered if that was what was ahead of me. I even wondered (and I do still wonder) if it's possible to exist as an active part of this world without social media. Our world is so centered around social media that the assumption on everyone's part is that information is unnecessary to communicate outside of social media. Shops and restaurants do not update their websites with current hours, friends and family mutually suppose that they've seen updates from each other's lives. We forget to communicate outside the realm of social media because there is typically absolutely no need. This is a strange new era, as potentially damaging as it is brilliant and connective. So is it possible to exist in this world without social media? I will not be the one to find out, of course. I still have email; I still have this blog; those are forms of social media. But the exit from Instagram and Facebook, from Twitter and other places online has been incredible. 

Of course it was helpful that as soon as I left social media, I went down to the Outer Banks with some family and close friends to a ridiculous teal house with a green roof and a private path to the beach outside my bedroom door. It's easy to be away from social media when you're living steps from a beach, and the wifi works almost as badly as your cell reception. What a lush week. I'm now home and diving back into the work week, but not before talking about the food that needs talking about. Social media or not, we are HONGRY. I'm trying to take a step back from heavy or sugary foods which make me feel lethargic and addicted and out at the elbows and instead focus on cooking wonderful things. Okay, except the gnocchi which Andrew's grandmother is teaching me how to make this Friday. So to that end, here are the foods I'm making and loving!

wearing Aerie swim in XL

Molly Baz's Caesar Salad Roast Chicken is tonight's dinner! Shannon made this while I was at the beach and immediately texted me that it had to go into menu rotation. Get yourself a cooking friend who knows what's up (and is still on the socials)

Spicy Pimento Cheese Shrimp & Grits - when I got home to Andrew (whom I'd missed to a ridiculous and pathetic level while I was away), I knew I wanted to cook shrimp and grits for us. There's nothing like watching shrimping boats in the ocean outside your door but being on vacation with a set of people who hate seafood. Just makes you want to eat every possible shrimp. Sambal oelek takes the spiciness up a little notch in this terribly easy meal, and the leftover cheesy grits can be pan-fried the next day as a topping for that Caesar salad I know you're going to make. I tamed the fire of the shrimp with a little drizzle of honey so we had some hot honey action, and of course I was out of limes so I used lemon juice instead. As we all know, I'm the boss of me and you're the boss of you, so use what you can find!

Carne Asada Taco Bowls - the great part about services like Instacart is that they shop your grocery list for you and literally drop it on your front porch. The bad part about services like Instacart is that if you get a lame shopper, half your list will be screwed up with refunds or sad replacements. This happened to me a few weeks ago and I ended up with carne asada beef instead of stew meat (among other mistakes). I chucked it in the freezer but am thawing it this week to use in a riff on this recipe, which we'll probably serve with cilantro rice over lettuce! 

These chocolate chip cookies are the bees' knees and the only recipe I use. Combine them with black cherry ice cream for a dreamy, last-throes-of-semi-summer because in reality, who's actually ready to quit ice cream?


  1. I'm so glad to see your smiling face! We on social media miss you (and your food of course), but I'm happy to see you chronicling your adventures here! P.S. You should post a video of the gnocchi you're making (and pretty much everything else you're making).

    1. That's such a great idea! I will try to get a good video (or have Andrew get a good video) so that I can share it here. I'm very excited, as I've only tried to make gnocchi once and it wasn't a great success. Haha.

  2. That trip sounds so nice! The recipes do too, I got to try some.