In Defense of Anchovies: A Wildly Unpopular Post

I hate fishy-fish. The fishiest fish I'll make a case for eating is a good thick sheet of lox on an everything bagel with cream cheese. But in general, if it's fishy-fish, you can count me out. I really want to be that person who eats kippers on toast, or likes nothing better than a plate of grilled sardines with lemon. Maybe I will be someday. In addition to a pronounced, fishy flavor, I cannot stand bones. I have never gotten on with the idea that fish bones are something to be crunched and savored; I do not want a throat full of pins for dinner. Conversely, if you try to remove every bone from most delicate fish you are left with nothing but a pile of flakes and bits which might do just fine for a taco, but isn't what I wanted to pay $35 for. I make an exception for branzino, because the thrill of eating an entire fish myself more than makes up for having to gently lift the meat from the long, needlelike rib bones.

New Era, Same Hunger

On October 1st when I announced that I was leaving social media for an indeterminate length of time, I really didn't know how I felt about it. I knew that I needed to leave (for the time being), and even on some level that I wanted to leave. But the night before signing out, I got such an intense case of FOMO that I had to text Andrew about it simply to cool the panic. I've always feared disconnection from the people and things I love...I wondered if that was what was ahead of me. I even wondered (and I do still wonder) if it's possible to exist as an active part of this world without social media. Our world is so centered around social media that the assumption on everyone's part is that information is unnecessary to communicate outside of social media. Shops and restaurants do not update their websites with current hours, friends and family mutually suppose that they've seen updates from each other's lives. We forget to communicate outside the realm of social media because there is typically absolutely no need. This is a strange new era, as potentially damaging as it is brilliant and connective. So is it possible to exist in this world without social media? I will not be the one to find out, of course. I still have email; I still have this blog; those are forms of social media. But the exit from Instagram and Facebook, from Twitter and other places online has been incredible.