I Blame My Fear of Ravioli On Claire Saffitz: A Pasta Tragedy

source: The Boston Globe

I blame it on Claire Saffitz.

As much as I adore her, I blame Bon Appetit's Claire Saffitz and her filmed-at-home quarantine videos for being the reason I stood covered in flour, running silky pasta dough through my brand new Kitchen-aid attachment, regretting everything. And when I say "silky" pasta dough I don't mean sexy, uniform sheets of golden dough. I mean pasta dough that is exactly the texture to slip out of my hands like a satin cami, and end likewise, in a crumpled heap on the floor.  I almost expected to turn it over and see a label: DRY CLEAN ONLY. There was nothing sexy about me and this pasta dough.

Corona Collabs (A Series With My Best Cooking Friend) Pantry Staples Edition


Good afternoon, world! Here's something I didn't expect about living that #quarantinelife: despite having all the time in the world, I am not more motivated to accomplish the things which need doing. I'm a little disappointed. I always thought I'd be cool, given endless amounts of time. I, for one, am definitely finding that I was believing a fallacy. A prime example of this is how long it took me to get around to posting Part Two of the Corona Collabs with the Inimitable Shannon. A lot has gone on in the time between that post and this! For one thing, the governor of Virginia declared imprisonment on all its inhabitants till June 10th. As an aide to essential workers, I've still been working on a beefy part-time basis. For another thing, Shannon planted a garden and a salty neighborhood raccoon "threw" her cilantro pot, buried her oregano, and then pooped all over the rest of it. Anyway, we've been busy in our small, isolated ways.