Southern Summer Heat: An Existential Crisis

Today we experienced the first really really flesh-crawlingly hot day of the summer. I feel like the month of May starts off by tricking me into thinking I love the summer - the produce and the colors, the long evenings and the everything-blooming-or-green. And then. Oh then. So I wrote about the "then" in an effort to remind myself. I wonder: does anyone else become irrationally, out-of-control grouchy when the summer heat hits? Consider this the official frenemy-status with summertime you never even asked for...

Homemade Potato & Ricotta Gnocchi

Wow, y'all. An insane space of time passes between blog posts and when you finally try to report back and remind your long-suffering readers that you're actually still alive and cooking, the list of things you've been doing while away sounds pretty trivial. Between last blog post and this I have:
  • gotten a terrific sunburn on my first beach day of the year
  • gone strawberry pickin' and got the best strawberry ice cream in the state of Virginia (hollering at ya, College Run Farms!) 
  • taken an abysmal trip to the aquarium by myself