Put On Some Shew - Travel Stories From Ireland Pt. 1

I find so many memories from our trip to Ireland wanting to come out as words rather than photos. So I thought I'd share photos alongside the writing and bit by bit make my way through some of the people and places and foods we experienced! I always love to hear the stories behind distant travels, and I hope you do too!

The airport bus deposited us (my brother, sister, sister-in-law, and me) onto the rain-slick slates of Dublin’s Cornmarket. At five in the morning very little stirred, even in busy old, cobbled old Dublin. Nevertheless, out the streaming bus windows we spied Mona Moore. She stood on the curb in a shiny rain jacket looking rather more like a suggestion than a reality in the quavering mist.
We’d not yet met Mona in the flesh.
She was a friend’s Irish grandmother and we’d kept her waiting for an hour longer than supposed in that pre-dawn cold because we couldn’t find our luggage on the carousel and the bus wouldn’t arrive.
Mona, however, seemed to mind neither our strangeness nor the fact that we were so late.