Peanut Butter Cup Meringue Cookies

The woman in New York City's Upper East Side shouted to me as I approached.
"WORK that jumpsuit, girl!"
 At first I wasn't sure if she was speaking to me at all, but she waved her cigarette and smiled as I passed close to her on the sidewalk. It was only a random compliment from a total stranger, yet more than a year later I think of that beautiful, brown-skinned woman whenever I wear the black jumpsuit. She could have silently admired my fashion choices, but she chose to remark on it to my face. Because of her casual brand of kindness, a powerful aura of confidence surrounds that jumpsuit to this day. There's something to this, I think: although negative words stick around our hearts, kind words stay even longer.

Hurricane Florence Snacks: Molly's Yeh's Marzipan Mandel Bread

September is a beautiful month. The roads at home have stepped up their game, all spangled with bright gold Jerusalem artichoke flowers and purple asters. The fields are heavy with rustling crops, wide swathes cut into the landscape daily by dusty tractors. There's a feeling of anticipation in the air, of hurry - even though the afternoons are still so heavy with sun that it's hard to keep your eyes open if you sit down for longer than a moment or two. Anticipation whispers behind all the false sleepiness of September because apart from those beautiful back-roads and patchwork fields and bountiful produce and mornings that begin to hint at cool weather to come, September brings hurricane season.