Robin's Egg Easter Cake

Happy Easter weekend, fam! I thought that this robin's egg Easter cake was the perfect way to express my undying love for the first flush of spring. I always have these grand ideas that an iPhone photo will never ever show up on my blog at any point in time. My reasons are numerous: who wants to see an iPhone photo outside of Instagram? What brands want to work with bloggers who don't put in the effort for real photos? What readers are going to find an iPhone photo tempting enough to convince them to make the cake or even read the article? Despite all of these questions, I still do it occasionally for your sake. After posting a photo of it on Instagram, you all called for the recipe for a speckled, spackled, pretty little robin's egg-inspired cake.

Juniper-Lemon Balsamic Ripple Ice Cream

It's funny, how life happens.When I wrote my last blog post and touched on the subject of grief and goodbyes, I did not think that the next time I wrote it would be to tell you that my grandmother had actually died.

Roasted Beet Hummus