Cook To This - The Songs I Kitchen With

The absolute best music to play while cooking is almost as subjective a topic as what the absolute best kind of cake is, or where the absolute best place to vacation is. In fact, I doubt that any opinion on the matter of music, cake, or vacationing could be accurately referred to as "absolute," being that "absolute" means inarguable and these things leave themselves wide open to argument. That aside, we all have our opinions are are entitled to them. Joy at Joy The Baker spends a considerable amount of time on Instagram cooking along to rock music or piping Drake on Cake. Other bloggers go full-on indie with their music, some oldies, some Broadway. I love music and I love cooking to music so it was only natural that I'd try to get you on board with the songs I love. My taste in music skips all over the place but when it comes time to get in the kitchen, I can be depended on to settle into music that could casually fall under the "easy listening" headline. I like melodies and lyrics that can be listened to on their own or provide a gentle background for conversation that is going on in the kitchen. You know sometimes music is going and playing and you're jamming out and then somebody comes in in the middle of a Twenty-One Pilots song and there's nothing for it but to pause  the music so you can carry on a conversation? That isn't the direction I like to take when cooking because for me, there is almost ALWAYS somebody in the kitchen with me. I like music that carries you along and sweeps you away and makes you feel like you're in the montage sequence of a Europe-based rom-com. You know? People always end up asking about the music behind my cooking stories on Instagram instead of paying attention to the food (kidding, kidding). I've decided to answer the question once and for all and put together an official "Cook To This" playlist. It's about an hour and a half long - just right for tackling your latest Great British Baking Show challenge or making a recipe off your favorite cooking blog!

That loud, conversation-trouncing kind of music that we just discussed is what this playlist is not. The songs I've thrown together here are just as pleasant at a low volume as they are when you have the kitchen all to yourself. The list isn't curated to be played in any specific order so those of you who don't have Spotify premium? I got your back - just hit "shuffle" and let the algorithm sort itself out! Of course, if you do want to play the playlist all the way through, I've rigged it so you've got a little bit of Jack Johnson and Sara Bareilles and The Afters all mixed in with Ella Fitzgerald and Harry Connick Jr. so you'll still be surprised. All set? Here you go. Enjoy, and tag me in your Instagram stories if you happen to cook while listening so I can enjoy it along side you!

“Give me book, fruit, French wine, and fine weather and a little music out of doors played by someone I do not know.” - John Keats


  1. I AM LISTENING TO THIS TONIGHT! I am so excited! I am going to make grilled salmon and then a side of quinoa, cranberries, feta and brussel

  2. Hurray! I hope your dinner-making was relaxing and wonderful!