Bring An Emergency Potato (And Other Remarks)

I chose a seat near a window today. Great drifts of snow - sullen and sulky because the air is fifty degrees now and they're gradually down-sizing - are heaped upon the sidewalk. I almost didn't make it to the coffee shop down these back-streets it wasn't in the budget to plow.
My car floundered in the slush but at last I hit the sleek, seal-black cobblestones and had my footing again. I think life can be that way - city blocks upon city blocks of slush and fishtailing till - finally - the cobblestones and a chance to get a grip. And with that piece of philosophy, we move on.

Food! This is, after all, why we're here. I've had precious little daylight in which to photograph food which is why posting has been hard. The most attractive part of a blog post is the photos, right? Does anyone even read anymore? And then it's frowned upon to use other people's graphics (duh) so I'm left with two decisions: don't post till you get a photo OR post without photos. In an effort to reconcile the two, this post will be entirely furnished through the efforts of my iPhone. Don't you just love informality? *eye roll* Though I love the winter and snow and all of that, by the time we're solidly into January I miss summer's fresh produce and long, golden evenings. Whoever decided that the coldest part of the year was the best time to start a fresh-foods based diet?

Oh, that's right. I did this to myself.

And yet the cold, dark days aren't all bad. I've discovered, for instance, that when I've misplaced my lunch bag for the twentieth time, the air outside is cold enough to turn the spacious trunk of my car into a giant cooler. Now if I'm late leaving for work I don't even bother packing a lunch bag - the various and sundry pieces to tide me over go collectively into the trunk and I pick them out at will. It is certainly more convenient this way. I've gotten good at PACKING FOOD. I mean, I was good before but I've gotten really good because during the Whole 30 it's really really really hard to find food to eat out. Plus you've already spend your budget for the month before Week One and that doesn't leave much money for not packing your lunches.

sweet potato chicken curry (I prefer it without the suggested cauliflower rice)
butternut squash bisque (I'm going to make another batch for the next two weeks because I loved it so much.)
dates stuffed with pecans and wrapped in proscuitto
salads (preferably interesting ones)

Unsweetened chia seed pudding is vile.
Don't substitute cauliflower for everything you can't have (rice, pizza crust, potatoes). You'll be so. dang. sick of it in approx. 38 hours.
The cravings do subside.
The act of baking (without tasting and then giving it away promptly) really satisfies that sugar craving for me.
Reading the dessert section of cookbooks also does it for me: all the fun, none of the carbs & sugar.
It is not that hard to adjust a favorite recipe to fit Whole 30 specifications.
Bring an emergency potato in your purse. Bonus points if you also have a fork.

tired (I haven't gotten a lot of sleep which has nothing to do with the challenge)
surprised (by how I've adjusted, by how much more I crave dairy than sugar, by how many snacks I had deemed "healthy" were probably not helping me out.)
excited (to have a new perspective on choices I make and what I actually want/need in my food life.)

trying new restaurants (it's hard to fully embrace a new place if you can't eat 80% of what's on the menu. Get a bowl of fresh fruit from your own fridge.)
dark chocolate
lattes (almond milk lattes are pretty good but obviously not the real thing.)
celebrating (in the normal way - who knew celebrations were all linked to yummy food that isn't good for you? There are so many birthdays and graduations and going away parties this month and there I am in the corner with my ziplock baggy of pistachios and dried apples.)

So here we are! It's Thursday now and I'm writing the second half of this blog post while eating that self-same sweet potato chicken curry (sans cauliflower). I don't think I'll ever look at cauliflower in the same way again which is super sad because I love cauliflower. On the upside, I ate a date this morning and thought it tasted precisely like brown sugar.


  1. I'm glad it's going well so far. I really admire you for doing a challenge like this, because it sounds very difficult to me (I LOVE pasta and rice). But the food you've been eating looks wonderful (though chia seed pudding does sound a little bleh). And just to let you know, I do read your posts and I am perfectly all right with smart phone photos! :) Happy eating!

    1. I appreciate you, Abby! Especially for reading/commenting AND being okay with iPhone photos. XD