2017 Gingerbread House Plans

i'm sorry for my i-phone photo.

Okay, okay. I'm not even listening to Christmas music yet so I definitely shouldn't be thinking about gingerbread houses. Sue me. You might remember last year's spontaneous gingerbread house-making. I invited my then-new friend, Christen, over to make gingerbread houses using our trusty gingerbread recipe. The only problem is that I am not skilled in 3-D projects
and had no idea how to cut the gingerbread in order to get a good, structurally sound pitch to the roof and four straight sides. Thankfully, Christen was up for the task and managed to cut a beautiful pattern which we successfully used for two beautiful gingerbread houses. But this year is different. This year I want to make more than one house. I want to make gingerbread row-houses in the style of those found in Amsterdam. This all started because, of course, I was sketching some Dutch houses with gouache and then (while adding white accents) realized how much the white gouache had started to look like royal icing. So if Christen (or someone with 3-D design skills) will give me a hand, I fully intend to create a cozy row of Dutch gingerbread houses. I'm so excited and I can't wait to (hopefully) make this a reality this Christmas! I've definitely spent time loafing about dreaming up what it will look like and hoping it won't fall to pieces. Here are some of the images informing my happy plans, gathered off Pinterest.

For all my gingerbread projects (gingerbread men, painted gingerbread, gingerbread houses) I tend to work off this recipe which I find soft and flavorful enough to eat but sturdy and stiff enough to withstand building and lots of frosting. I'm a bit nervous, truth be told! I know exactly what I picture in my head and I'm worried I won't be able to translate it into gingerbread. But honestly, isn't that half the fun of gingerbread house-making? That uncertainty as to whether or not your house will succeed. Here's hoping! I'm starting to try to think through the building logistics. Let me know if there are any online crash-courses in gingerbread architecture!


  1. Can't wait to see those row houses! I love gingerbread houses, but the one I made last year collapsed because the cookie was too soft (I wanted it to be edible, and I think I under-cooked it). I'm making Christmas start in December because I don't want to be sick of it by Christmas, but my mom and sisters have already started on the Hallmark movies.

    1. This is a struggle, isn't it? I am a little fearful that my house(s) won't stand up to being all strung together like row houses, so maybe I ought to do a little better planning in that way...