Chocolate And Pomegranate Curd Tart

Hi hi HI, friends! Holidays have happened in the space between Sticky Gingerbread Cake and now. First came Thanksgiving and then came the annual grocery famine that always happens post-holiday.
My family can't be the only one which goes through a period of not buying

Sticky Gingerbread Cake

Happy National Gingerbread Day Eve! Bet you didn't realize that there is a National Gingerbread Day...I didn't, till I checked my planner and realized that some former version of Rachel had enough forethought (sometime in January, probs) to mark November 21st as National Gingerbread Day. Who am I to argue with her good ideas? To me, gingerbread comes with a lot of expectation and ample room for being disappointed as a result of said expectations. As a kid I knew about gingerbread but I had never eaten it, nor had most of my friends. Gingersnaps and gingerbread men, yes. But those weren't the same as actual gingerbread. Am I the only kid who puzzled over this conundrum? Actually, probably "yes." But how could gingerbread and gingerbread men be such vastly different things?

2017 Gingerbread House Plans

i'm sorry for my i-phone photo.

Okay, okay. I'm not even listening to Christmas music yet so I definitely shouldn't be thinking about gingerbread houses. Sue me. You might remember last year's spontaneous gingerbread house-making. I invited my then-new friend, Christen, over to make gingerbread houses using our trusty gingerbread recipe. The only problem is that I am not skilled in 3-D projects

Eight Ways To Become A Better Coffee Shop Customer

Today we (jokingly) get to discuss being a good coffee shop customer, something that has been simmering in my brain for a little while now. In the sprawling age of coffee chains like Starbucks (and the widespread confusion it has precipitated as to the real identity of a macchiato), the quality shops have become dearer to us. The cafes and coffee bars which,

Perfect Stove-Top Macaroni & Cheese

(can easily be made gluten free, too!) The day is finally here! Most of you who follow me on Instagram have probably been concerned at the rate at which macaroni has appeared in my feed, on my stories, and