Dinner Party No. 3 - Pie & Sky

I'm halfway there - halfway to my ultimate goal for 2017 of hosting six dinner parties. Sure it's late October and I've got about eight weeks to host three more if I'm actually going to get to all six, but I think that managing to throw three in one year is a pretty good start. The truth is that hosting people takes space. Not just literal space - that is after all what outdoor parties are for - but it takes schedule space, mental space, budget space. It takes priority. These are all things, all commitments, that stand between you, and me, and hospitality. I think we know that it will cost a little bit of money and a little bit of time and a little bit of giving-up-other things in order to throw a little party.

Mac Attack - In Pursuit Of The Best Of All

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I've met with a lot of intriguing information so far during my stint at the oil shop. Some of it is quite useful - like learning that the restaurant next door sells pain du chocolat the size of my face, or that even though the parking sign says I will be towed,

Pomegranate, Plum + Quinoa Salad

Ohhhhh franz. I love working at the olive oil shop, but it has been one long crash-course in packed lunches. What is a good packed lunch? What is a bad packed lunch? In-store we have a toaster oven but not a microwave, a fridge but no coffee pot.

Sourdough School: What I'm Teaching Myself This Fall

look at Maurizio Leo's gorgeous bread!

You know what my mission is this fall? Learning how to make sourdough bread from scratch. I've made bread in my day - a girl who loves bread as much as I do should know how to make bread. But all bread pales in comparison to sourdough. That crust. That open crumb, like a honeycomb. That flavor. That crackle. That incomparable moment of knowing you've got some excellent loaf of bread in your hands.

Welcome To WPS - Weird Produce Season

Do you remember that one time that I issued a four-week cooking challenge and only got through two weeks because life exploded into a million very busy pieces and I barely sat down to my laptop and I wasn't as strict about carbs as I meant to be? Yeah, me too.