Blackberry Sage Grilled Cheese

Lunch-time can be a hurried affair, but it can also be a chance to cast a spell over commonplace ingredients and transform them into something almost other-worldly.

"Cheese, bread, fruit." Chant these monosyllables together and there might materialize a perfect picnic or an ideal breakfast. Chant them a little slower, add to the incantation another monosyllable, "sage." Wait for the alchemy to work. The August hiss of butter hitting a hot cast iron pan. The scent of sourdough sizzling, of sun-ripe berries smashed flat with your fingers into the melting cheese. Almost reverently, lay the willow-green sage leaves flat on top. Look forward to the accompanying covering of sourdough which will soon be flipped and smashed further into the fruit and herb and cheese. The magic has been made. Suddenly you're tasting summer, as summer was always meant to be tasted: ripe, hot, sweet, green.

This wizardry is not complicated. Sometimes you want something magnificent - a monument of flavors as pretentious as a destination wedding. Other times you let the simplicity of three ingredients melt like pure sorcery into a better, finer whole. Blackberries, sage, and Gouda cheese. This trio is like something (pleasant) straight out of Greek mythology. Maybe like the Sisters of Bacchus, if any sisters ever existed. The directions could not be simpler or more at-hand if you, like me, have a small patch of ground that (while all but neglected) somehow has the Goodwill Toward Men to produce a few hearty herbs. Butter some bread (sourdough, wheat, whatever you prefer), add some mild (not smoked) Gouda cheese, smash a few blackberries, flick on a bit of sage, and heat it over medium-low till melted and golden and magical.

You've got the stuff. Now go do the same, little muggle.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Skye! Let me know if you try it - I hope you're as in love with it afterward.

  2. I love how you write about food. Also, this looks out-of-this-world good.

    1. Thank you, Kate. Your words are always have such a buoying effect on my spirits. <3


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  4. You can bet I am going to try this! heavenly!