Lipstick And Gelato: New Design + Giveaway

Hellllllo! If you're viewing L&G on a desktop/laptop right now you're likely staring at your screen wondering what the heck happened to Lipstick & Gelato. If you're viewing it on mobile, not terribly much will have changed so cheers to you. After months of brain-storming, testing, and lots of difficult work on Carmel's part, L&G has a new, professional face! And while we're still working through some final nav-bar kinks, I'm so in love with the new look. I hope you'll find it fresh, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to navigate. Carmel already works two jobs (in addition to keeping up her excellent lifestyle blog) and was still willing to wedge in a total redesign for Lipstick & Gelato. I'm so grateful for her tenacity.

While Lipstick & Gelato isn't having some big birthday or anything, this blog has undergone a massive, slow, and definite transition in the last several months that I think is worth celebrating. A huge thank you to those who have stayed on while L&G morphed from a style/food/travel/personal blog to an artistically-inclined food blog - you're the real MVPs. I'm greatly excited for this new phase in this blog's life and I'm so grateful for the community we've built here. Y'all are really the best. And I don't mean that in a "I look upon the mass and smile" way. I mean that in a, "There aren't terribly many of us so I actually do count each of you as part of my online community" way. I love the small-world feel we've established here and no matter how L&G grows, as it will, I plan to keep that. Your comments, your suggestions, and your bothering-to-care-what-I'm-cooking (or illustrating) always spur me on. After all, what is food for but to share? And what is sharing for but to nourish hearts as well as bodies?

This kind of day calls for cupcakes. Yummy, plummy, delicious cupcakes. Or muffins. Something sparkly and party-related. Muffins aren't really party-ready, but hey. To help the party-spirit (because I'm clearly such a party-animal), I decided to do a giveaway of the cookbook I've spent the last three or four months talking about. Enter the Rafflecopter below and next weekend I'll choose one of you awesome readers to win a beautiful hardcover copy of Molly On The Range! I would be a little embarrassed of how much I talk about this cookbook if I didn't legitimately love it as much as I do. The recipes speak for themselves and now you have a chance to see what I've been babbling about.

Best of luck to you, and happy L&G Makeover Day!


  1. Beautiful design! And this is a lovely giveaway. :)

  2. How lovely! I like the new look. This morning I tried to go on your blog and it was private, so I was a little worried. Love your blog! ♥

    1. Yes - my designer had made it temporarily private during design installation, but we're all set! <3

  3. I love it! The blog looks beautiful, Rachel! :D

  4. So happy about the new design! And I've followed along with Molly's blog for a little while, and would love to try some of her recipes from a real book :)

  5. It's beautiful! I love the new header, and your profile picture is fantastic!

  6. Girl this is looking SO good!