Travel Eats: DC Edition

The problem with going to DC is that I love it so much. I keep finding places to add to my "you have to go here!" list which has essentially morphed into something so huge, it exceeds the confines of a weekend. So when people ask me what to do and where to eat when they go to DC, it's becoming a problem. I was in DC a couple weekends back with a pool of friends who had all converged there in a rare display of Favorite People, Favorite Places. Love it when that happens.

We braved crowds.

We waited in lines.

Lots of lines.

We viewed art.

We ate food.

Good food.

And now I get to share it with you + recommend places for you to eat if you are lacking ideas while in one of the greatest cities in the world. I highlighted Le Diplomate last year in this post and have been conspiring to return many times since. This time we finally made it back! Driving in is always an option, or a brisk little walk from either the U-street or Dupont Circle metros. 

Flavio, ahhhh. This Georgetown treasure is exactly everything you look for in an Italian eatery. Atmosphere, locations, prices, flavor. The wild mushroom ravioli was to. die. for. And there's plenty of seating so even when you walk up like, "Yo, party of ten?" as we did, they handle it in five minutes, tops. One of my friends ordered the Lobster Diavolo but I kept calling it Lobster Diablo because it sounded better and more like something Ursula would eat. Also, we kept tabs on a nearby first date that wasn't going well. We also fed trail-mix to ducks at the Georgetown Waterfront Park and also took a temporarily risky uber ride. But we got home in one piece so that was all right.

I was determined to get a couple decent photos with my best friend, Katie, who lives in GA but was in town the same weekend. We got to spend a morning together hitting up Le Diplomate, the Willard Intercontinental where I was an accidental fur expert at the Neiman Marcus pop-up shop, and Saks off 5th. Decent photos didn't happen, but some variety of photo did. So guess what? You get those.

Let's be real: Degas' Little Dancer of Fourteen Years is actually kind of freaky. But I have wanted to see it for quite some time so stumbling across it while taking refuge in the National Gallery of Art was really fun. 

Finally got some friends to experience the masterful brunch powers of Le Diplomate or, as I take the liberty of calling it, "Le Dippy." This delicious and well-kept Logan Circle secret is a must-visit while brunching (or lunching...or dining) in Washington, D.C. My favorite, hands down. I can personally vouch for the quiche.

Other traditional favorites I didn't bother to photograph (because of how much I was talking - people have an aversion to talking with you if you have a camera to your eye) are Tortilla Coast (affordable! yummy! close to Capitol Hill!) and Baked & Wired in Georgetown. The rest of the time we subsisted off granola bars, fig bars, and the ubiquitous trail-mix which, as you've already heard, doubled as duck-feed.

And of course we detoured to Richmond, VA on the way up to DC because let's be real: with such delicious options as Lamplighter Coffee Roasters, Charm School (ice cream!), and Quirk Hotel (aesthetic for miles), if you aren't terribly pressed for time it's a perfect road-trip break.

Who knew the little cafe at Quirk Hotel served amazing lattes? Thanks, latte boy. You made a yummy one to fuel the rest of my ride up to DC.

What about you? Where's your favorite place to enjoy with friends, either in DC or elsewhere? I'm always looking for new options when my wanderings lead me abroad and love hearing recommendations!


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