Grapefruit Jazz

Ever since the La La Land soundtrack came out I've been in love with jazz. Actually, I've loved jazz ever since I first learned who Louis Armstrong was. And I learned that pretty early because Mama read The Trumpet of The Swan aloud to us and we had a huge family feud over whether "Louis" was pronounced "Lew-ie" or "Lewis." I was in the "Lewis" camp and got my comeuppance and an introduction to jazz music. Anyway. Today we're jazzing up grapefruit. This isn't exactly a recipe post. It's more of an excuse to further discuss La La Land and tell you to throw some cilantro and red pepper flakes on the top of the next grapefruit you eat. Basically yes, this post is over.

In one notable scene, Sebastian (Ryan Gosling), the male lead in La La Land is trying to describe to Mia (Emma Stone) just why he loves jazz music and his intensity left me chilled in the best possible way. I left the movie theatre more excited about jazz than I was before. This character's passion for the genre is infectious. I'm not sure if Gosling himself is as excited about jazz as the character he portrays but considering the fact that he spent three months learning jazz piano for the role, I'd say he's also a fan.
 "It's conflict and it's compromise and it's very very exciting."
So says Gosling with the most adorable and determined cast of his eyebrow, daring Stone's Mia to challenge him.

Guys, jazz is happening on top of this grapefruit. If you're bored with your morning citrus routine, try this: chop cilantro (or fresh rosemary if cilantro isn't your thing), shake some red pepper flakes on top, maybe drizzle a little balsamic reduction over it (or not). Turn on some Etta James, and let the mood roll forward into your day. I promise your life will be better for it and hey, we can't all have Ryan Gosling playing "City of Stars" for us over the breakfast hour...sadness.



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