Bonne - Speaking From The Past

I wrote this on the first day of 2016, so naive and so hopeful...and I am able to stand on the first day of 2017 and admit that everything I hoped came true. Never, ever, ever give up. And always remember to check your French spelling before tattooing it on your wrist. *bonne chance

"...I'm also bound and determined that this year will be a fantastic year in all ways. I 100% realize the naivete of that statement but I also mean it, so take that as you will.

As I went to bed last night, I read over Psalm 139 and more or less dug my talons into the infant year, so full of promise and barren of mistakes and disappointments, and dragged it before God. I committed myself and it to His hand and begged that He'd change me and use it and allow me everyday to make good on my efforts for His glory.


But everything is possible. Then henna on my wrist and arm is fading. I put it there Christmas morning: '<3 bon chance.' 'good luck.'

And all that meets the eye now, all that hasn't faded in a week of showering is this: '<3 bon.'
It is no longer, "good luck." It is no longer wishing myself and others a happy chance at the random results-generator of life. It is simply, 'good.' Just, 'good.' With a heart, which lends a pleasant, saccharine edge to the statement. I don't wish my new year, 'bon chance.' I don't. Because the events and developments will not be random. They are hand-crafted for me.

So, you know, even though there are 365 chances for nothing to change, there are 365 chances this could be the best year ever. 'Bon.'

2016 WILL be ' <3 good.'"

And you know, dear reader, it was. May 2017 be much of the same. 

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