2017 Goals + Hopes + Wishes

I've mentioned before how much I don't like setting goals for the New Year. I mean official goals. There are definitely things that I hope I will/plan to do but those goals seem a little shy of fame. The minute I say them aloud, they're gone and with them, the inspiration behind them and since there are some exciting goals I really hope to accomplish, I don't want to scare them off with an introduction. I trust I'm not the only one to experience this phenomenon! But hey, we're just a couple days shy of being a baby new year and 2017 wants to say hey so I will share some food-goals for the coming year! Trends, products, recipes, and restaurants I want to try in the next twelve months.

paella - okay, I somehow totally lunched (the puns...) on my plans to make this during the summer. I had a day scheduled with a friend and a whole lot of romantic ideas about how chic it would be to turn out a huge pan of paella. And then something came up and the whole thing disbanded. Not so this year. I will save my pennies. I will buy little seafoody things. I will make paella. And I will post about it.

ramen - in the same vein of Things I Mean To Try In 2016 But Didn't is ramen! There is a highly-rated restaurant in Norfolk which has become one of those places we say, "Hey, let's go there next time" and never do. I plan to visit this place. And then I plan to perfect the art of ramen-making at home. Because the packet stuff gives you cancer and yet - the flavor.

rummage around the produce section more - okay, so I guess this is technically more like an experience, but I want to more frequently make the forty minute trek to the one grocery store nearby that actually sells, ya know, something other than pale, blenching celery and dispirited gala apples. The more fun things I find, the more fun I have in the kitchen. And that's always awesome.

learn how to talk to a butcher or fish-monger - technically I've helped "process" quite a few turkeys and chickens over the years. Even a rabbit. Even overseen a few deer. And I'm awesome at talking to myself, but that's not what I mean. Likewise, my dad raises two pigs a year and butchers them himself but that's also what I do not mean. I mean that beefy (ha. another pun) guy with the hair net and the ponderous jowls who stands behind the counter at Whole Foods and dares you to call a sirloin steak a T-bone. Look, I don't often order fancy or rare cuts. But I want to learn how.

learn to chop like a pro - I hate how long veggie prep time takes. I mean, I could chop fast but you can only lose so many fingers before starting to take precautions like, I dunno, lessons?

plant an herb garden - I did this in 2016. It was sprayed with round-up by the butcher I mentioned above. He felt bad about it, but that was the end of the herb garden because I got super busy. I love using fresh herbs in dressings, salads, recipes, etc. but I do get tired of buying stupid packets of basil when you could have a BUSH of it if the fam would remember these are herbs and not weeds in need of being slain.

master ice-cream making - I'm writing this before Christmas and put "ice cream maker" on my list, so obviously by the time this post goes live, maybe I'll have one. Regardless, I can't wait to make a ton of vegan, paleo, and full force cream-and-sugar normal ice creams and sorbets this year! One of those people who totally believes ice cream is a year-round commitment and shouldn't be relegated to summertime.

join the Richmond food scene - with the VA state capitol being only an hour and a half from where I live, the city's many amazing restaurants, bakeries, and coffee shops are a fresh new field I can't wait to continue exploring. Specifically excited about Charm School, a brand new innovative ice cream "restaurant"!

give Lipstick & Gelato a facelift - I'm so excited to be pairing up with a designer during the next month or so to give L&G a complete makeover! The new look will be accessible, organized, classy, and clean. I can't wait.

What are some of your goals for 2017? 


  1. I approve of allllll of these goals! Mostly because they all sound delicious! Also, I was in Norfolk this year! I should have emailed you! Although it was just for a work trip so it was kind of busy and I didn't really have any down time, oh well!

    The Adored Life

    1. Oh, that would have been so much fun - next time, if you come round again!