Monday, September 5, 2016

To The Girl Who Is Not Yet A Top-Blogger:

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Labor Day is for you as well.

Sure, you don't count this blog as your real job. I mean, hey, you don't have a good camera or an assistant. You can handle the emails you receive by yourself because, well, you don't get any emails. You write your blog posts sitting on your bed. And if you have ever done a sponsored post, that sponsor was chased down with sweet-talk, brutally honest page-view counts, and possibly threats.

But Labor Day is still for you.


Because you've worked for this blog. You've spent time trying to learn coding, or exchanging emails with a web designer. You've rushed home from work to be able to cram in a photo-shoot before daylight wanes. You've watched tutorials on food styling. You've recorded vlogs between siblings bounding into the bedroom to ask for a snack and edited them (or not) in that no man's land between late nights and early mornings.

You've put your camera on the charger only to find the charger wasn't connected to the outlet, and spent hours writing copy. You've commented on other blogs, hash-tagged on Instagram, tweeted and retweeted. And for what? You still haven't hit a hundred followers. A thousand followers. Whatever your goal, you're still small and unnoticed. So unnoticed you're a little afraid to tell anyone you have a blog. What if they stop by and, frightened by the silence, scuttle off again?

Well, let me speak truth to you today: you have worked for that blog you manage. You have poured precious hours of your time into it. Sure there things you can improve. Reams of tricks you haven't learned, worlds you haven't tapped into, camera settings hopelessly tangled in your mind. But there is not a bit of your work that is less valuable than the top bloggers whose blog makes their income.

You have lost sleep.

You have made friends.

You have showed up.

You have shown effort.

You have run giveaways.

You have put as much in as is possible while still balancing a “real job” and a lame camera.

You have replied to that solitary email.

You have contacted that product review company.

You have left comments.

You have taken photos.
You have published content.

You have a blog. You have a voice. You deserve to celebrate Labor Day as something more than what you consider your day job to be. You deserve to celebrate it as a blogger as well. And don't let page-view numbers tell you otherwise.

Happy Labor Day to the bloggers, the dreamers, the creatives, the workers, the makers, the artists, the faithful, the dedicated, and all those who work with a right good will. Take today and rest.  



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