Style Inspiration: How To Elevate Jeans

Autumn is here and with it all the jeans + blouse combinations. I have taken to wearing jeans all year long - in summer I suffer through happily because, let's face it, if I wear jeans I don't always have to shave my legs in the morning before work and that's worth a lot to me. This means I'm in practice for all the non-autumn temperatures we have going on after summer officially ceases around here. While I would like to bring out all my sweaters, ankle booties, and vampy lipsticks, the fact is that we're still working to divorce ourselves from the summer heat. Jeans are an easy way to channel your inner scarlet maple leaf while admitting summer's sway. And when you want to elevate your denim, what better way than with a gentle up-do, swingin' heels, and an off-shoulder blouse?

Confession: when we found this wall in a near-empty parking lot, we thought we'd get through the photo shoot unnotied. Unfortunately a saggy, middle-aged man came to dig through the cab of his truck just beyond the camera frame and stared us out of countenance. Posing under such circumstances was a little choppy. How do top bloggers do it? Extra self-confidence? Bouncer-husbands? Oh, I know. It's the chic anonymity of those Dior sunglasses. That's what I need. A brand shout-out to Old Navy is necessary here, because I have worn their Curvy Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans for quite some time now and I absolutely love their curve-hugging but comfortable profile. Clap-clap, Old Navy.

off-shoulder blouse: Macy's (exact)
jeans: Old Navy (exact)
peep-toe heels: old, Nine West (similar)
earrings: consignment store

What is your favorite way to elevate jeans for an evening out?


  1. Those shoes. THOSE SHOES. Absolutely lovely. <3

  2. Great outfit! It suits you so well :)

    What about following each other? :)

    Caro x

    1. Thank you so much, Caro! I popped over to your blog. Looks like a do a fantastic job and I love your story. I'll be following along. :)

  3. Love this outfit. Jeans are all I wear.

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  5. 100% sure it's the sunglasses ;)