Summer Favorites: The Instagram Round-Up

Call me a millenial. Call me obssessed. Whichever you'd rather, but the truth is that when I'm with my friends I sometimes ask who they follow on Instagram and watch them scroll through their feeds. Some of my favorite accounts to follow have come to me this way so today I'm sharing my favorite Instagram accounts here on Lipstick & Gelato in hopes to help some of you share in some of the daily inspiration I enjoy. If you'd like, leave a comment with some of your favorites!

"I was running late to meet one of my friends for dinner and accidentally locked myself out of my apartment. My friend came to pick me up and I called a locksmith company to schedule a time for them to come open my door later that evening. During dinner I spilled my guts out to my friend about exactly who I envisioned my dream man to be. I wanted an olive skinned Israeli with dark hair and warm eyes who was my age so we could build a life together. Someone funny without ego who was smart, hardworking, and came from a good family. We talked for so long we closed down the restaurant and I had to reschedule my appointment with the locksmith company 3 times. My friend drove me home and as we pulled up, we noticed the locksmith was waiting in the driveway. She lowered her window down and so did he. We locked eyes and smiled at each other. I thought he was gorgeous, and I instantly knew he was Israeli! The sparks were flying and I could literally FEEL the chemistry between us as we both got out of the car. My girlfriend looked at me and said "Good luck..." as if she knew. Fast forward 6 years later, I'm now married to that locksmith and we have a precious 20 month old baby. I'm so grateful that my clumsiness finally came in handy for something." (📸: @laurencbelknap)
A photo posted by The Way We Met (@thewaywemet) on

@thewaywemet - this account is completely about the way various couples have met. And hopeful romantic that I am, it makes my day every time a new post comes through. Follow them - you won't regret it.

A photo posted by Emma Lisette Palmer🌻 Australia (@emmadrawseveryday) on

@emmadrawseveryday - this artist and her consistently charming, quirky creativity makes me smile on repeat. <3

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@wrightkitchen - in an Instagram word of minimalism and no-color, Brittany Wright is a breath of organized rainbow. I adore her gradient photos and the way she sees art in the deceptively basic canvas of food in her kitchen.

@willowcurves - a fresh-feeling fashion account run by a curvy-girl model who consistently keeps it classy and lends daily style-inspiration. I love her eye-makeup skills as well.

A photo posted by brinson lomax mcgowan iv (@brinsonmcgowan) on

@brinsonmcgowan - I came across the account of this golden-hearted photographer in a roundabout way - his girlfriend is a very slight acquaintance of mine - but ever since finding him, I've been treated to an endless supply of inspiring portraits and photos of nature accompanied by thoughtful captions. Definitely worth a follow.

@theadoredlife - I think I've shared Alissa's account before, but her peppy, sassy photos and captions are like a little sip of lemonade in a world of dull water-glasses.

Who are your Instagram favorites this summer?

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