Garlic & Vanilla - The Summer Tomato Adventure

“Combine a teaspoon of raspberry vinegar, a teaspoon vanilla oil, a couple drops of garlic oil, and a half teaspoon of orange powder, and slather it onto half a beautifully ripened tomato. The first time I tried this, the taste was so unexpected it made me laugh.” -David Benley

I don't remember when I made a note on my phone containing this quote. I'm not even certain where I found the quote itself. Maybe I pulled it out of a food magazine. Maybe it was a newspaper. A cookbook. Someplace. The material point is that the oddity of the suggested flavor-combination was enough to make me “tear out” the quote and save it for later. Today I tried it and filmed the results. Nothing like some flavor adventure!

(rough recipe)

1/2 teaspoon red wine vinegar
1/2 teaspoon orange marmalade
juice from one small clove garlic
2 drops vanilla extract


  1. I was totally scrunching up my face as you bit into it (garlic and vanilla?!) so I'm definitely excited to try this out (but only because you tried it first, you're much braver than I!) Thank you for posting this! It had such a crazily fun summer creativity to it that it made me happier just by watching :)