Thursday, August 4, 2016

Fresh From NYC: Three Style Influences To Try

I was so interested in NYC to find new fashion statements everyone seemed to be crazy about. Not the things everyone is crazy about (balayage hair?) but the particularly New York things that haven't seemed to have made their way South yet or the details that make up the particular NYC woman's iconic look. Here are the top three I noticed while there:

Scarves worn as shawls 

I thought this was a homeschool girl modest fashion fix thing. In fact, I could have sworn this was a homeschool girl modest fashion fix thing. Nope. Turns out there is a healthy population of NYC's most fashion-forward who wear big pashmina, cotton, or cashmere scarves thrown across their shoulders and knotted in the front. Nothing fancy, nothing complex, nothing ground-breaking. Just modern women wearing as a fashion statement the stand-by "I'm chilly" fix of thousands of years of fashion history. I like it. Done well, the look is Continental.

Denim Button Mini Skirt

Minus the mini factor, wasn't this another homeschool girl fashion staple? Say what you will, the denim mini skirt has made a full fashion comeback with so many girls on the streets of NYC wearing the skirt + white tee combo it was practically a uniform. Though I've seen it done well, this is one trend I will not be joining; it brings up too many memories of shapeless denim, shapeless eyebrows, and wire-rimmed glasses frames. Y'all can keep your denim skirts. I'm still thriving on bright colors and new silhouettes.

Minimal Makeup

The lack of visible attention to makeup detail is what makes the NYC woman's makeup so perfect. A lot of attention goes into a porcelain complexion, groomed eyebrows, and makeup that will wear well throughout the day. That's why in New York City I didn't see a single cat-eye, smokey eye, or bright lip color. Neutral shades of eyeshadow or none at all, quietly-lined eyes, mascara, a smear of lip gloss, and flawless skin are the beauty goals of NYC. I love the chic simplicity and the fact that not a single professional woman looks remotely sweaty, shiny, or mussed no matter how long she's been on the subway. Whatever makeup these girls are using, I want it. I want that composed makeup look. It's flawless.

Which of these style trends do you see yourself trying, if any?


  1. My friend and I were remarking how tucking in your t-shirt or blouse seems all the rage now, another homeschool flashback for us. It just goes to show homeschoolers are always ahead of the curve. Next denim jumpers will be in vogue. XD

    Dani xoxo
    a vapor in the wind

  2. While denim skirts are definitely a homeschool flashback that I don't intend to revisit any time soon, scarves as shawls and minimal makeup are two of my go-tos. Because I'd rather wear a nice scarf than a hoodie, and I don't really have time to devote to more than basic makeup.

  3. Hey, I'm in with a trend! Because the minimal/natural makeup look is basically what I go for every day. Just enough to look like I have a clear complexion, with a touch of lipstick and mascara—I typically save any further eye makeup for dressier occasions. (I love being suntanned in the summer because it means I need so much less makeup to look nice!)

    The scarf trend is interesting—I can see myself trying that. And your comments on denim skirts bring back the memory of an outing many, many years ago when my mom and I realized that we had unwittingly both worn a denim skirt: "We must look like such typical homeschoolers!" :)

  4. I love how simple all of these are, simply beautiful.

  5. I'm all about the minimal makeup look - groomed brows, luminous, clear skin, + long lashes is my go to these days. :)



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