Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Fall Style Trends: 2016

You know me as an outspoken non-fan of most the styles coming off the runway in the last two years. Half the looks for Fall 2016 make me shake my head in astonishment, wondering how many of today's designers were lurking at my home-school book fair ten years ago, sketching the hot mamas in denim jumpers and wilted floral sundresses-made-modest with the addition of a turtleneck. I'm sixty percent sure I went to camp with one of the Tory Burch models. On the other end of the pendulum you've got the fashionable excesses of a poacher's wife gone Society. In a word, dress like Cruella de Ville and you'll be an It Girl. But amid the unfortunate inclusions of 80's power-shoulder velvet dresses and sleeves so long they hide your entire hand are a few interesting trends that might convince me we haven't entirely lost all taste. Here is my round up of the Fall 2016 trends I am excited to try:

- statement fur -

- grey plaid -

- scarves as chokers -

- velvet shoes -

Any particular trend you're diving into this season?


  1. Velvet shoes + neck scarves man...amen and amen. <3
    I'm loving that lace is in so much this season..it's usually so much of a s/s item, but I love seeing it coming out in the colder months! Also, dark forest green. Love that.

  2. I love the retro scarves and the shoes . . . in theory. Fall/Winter style is a struggle for me.

  3. Ohhhhh, gray plaid! I'm very fond of gray plaid :-)

  4. The cullottes and denim jumpers really got me....I love fall though--with the plaids, the boots, the scarves, the crisp air and the apple doughnuts...thought I guess we don't wear those, ideally.

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  6. I'm shaking my head at the denim jumpers and turtlenecks - how those ever came back, I'll never know. Love those neck scarves, though! They afford a much more delicate look than you'd get under the weight of an infinity or blanket scarf, and I'm always looking for fresh ways to incorporate scarves into my wardrobe, so that works for me. It's a relief to see such classy vintage looks making their way into high fashion, in spite of the influx of eighties and nineties horrors.

  7. Just snagged some pretty scarves this past week, so I was tickled to see them here. I get the SMH at runway fashion~ I may not be super citified, but trust you don't see that stuff translating in the everyday. And would you want to?



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