Umbrella Dress

Do your friends influence your fashion choices? I feel like a middle-schooler for saying so, but mine definitely do in small ways. I had never set food inside Talbot's until I popped in a month ago. And maybe it's co-dependent to admit to texting your best friend frantic pictures of you in the dress and hiding in the dressing room until you hear the "I ADORE IT" text. Maybe. But when your brain is joined with her brain at whatever place in brains they can get joined, her opinion matters almost as much as yours. And you already loved it. Fun fact: a screenshot of this dress in the Talbot's store came to me early this year when we fantasized about a girls' trip to Charleston. "It would look perfect on you!" The trip never came but now, six months down the road I am the happy owner of a retro-inspired red umbrella dress vastly discounted from the original price. 

Sad fact: I bought this umbrella dress the same day a woman at the local beach was killed by being impaled by a blown-away beach umbrella. The irony was not lost on me. I had a moment of silence and winced every time I looked at the dress for a day or two. Eventually though, it won me back over. Hard. I can't wait to visit Charleston one day and rest assured - I'll bring the Umbrella dress. I braided my bangs back and added a glitzy bracelet and peep-toe wedges to keep the look up-to-date because while I love retro influences, I don't want to walk around looking like a failing reenactor.

Dress: Talbot's (exact)
Heels: purchased in Romania (similar)


  1. Love love looooove this dress. SO jealous/happy for you that its yours. ;) LOL And I also applaud you for keeping it up to date and fresh because it'd be ME that'd end up looking like a failing reenactor since it IS a veritable Peggy Carter-esque dress. ;)

    1. Haha! Nothing wrong with it on occasion. I like the vintage look enough I'll go whole-hog sometimes too.

  2. I love this dress! And you look fantastic in it!!

  3. I just got peep toe wedges and though I adore them they rubbed my one toe raw and now I am sad and dissapointed in them

  4. Beautiful! How is the sizing? I'm debating buying it online, but am resisting due to fit apprehension.

  5. Stumbled across your blog while looking up this dress before buying it lol ! I hope I like it as much, looks great with your shoes :)

  6. I am the happy owner of a retro-inspired red umbrella dress vastly discounted from the original price. umbrella