The Gallery Life

Community is essential to informing, developing, and inspiring the creative mind. At least in my experience. And though online communities are amazing sources for support and batting around of ideas, nothing beats in-the-flesh time with creative people. And face-to-face time with fellow "creatives" is something I constantly crave and can never seem to get enough of. I like to be in the presence of people who are so much more talented than I am that I almost feel like throwing in my paintbrush. I like to talk to these people and watch how they work and talk about things and see how they use their gifts in their chosen media as opposed to how I use mine. It's a good feeling. So that's why I was thrilled when Rebecca, a friend of a friend, contacted me about being featured as a "mixology artist" at a revolutionary sort of gallery-event in town. Rebecca and her best friend Cait have arranged for a region-wide group of artists to pool their talents and elevated exhibition hall, for lack of a better word. We have "galleries" arranged side by side. Sculptor. Painter. Writer. Dancer. Photographer. Jeweler. Baker. "Bartender." That's me and this is where I will be the evening of July 8th.

I've created a menu of four mock cocktails ("mocktails"): two sweet, two savory. I've sent a mock-up of the table arrangement to Rebecca and Cait and received the go-ahead. I'm composing syrups and infusions over this week and last. I've been freezing round after round of cylindrical ice-cubes for one of the drink offerings. I bought copper wire twinkle lights. And I haven't been this excited for a creative project since self-publishing my first novel two years ago. I'm thrilled to be serving at this event as part of the local creative community. I can't wait t meet the other featured artists and guests and since everyone will (realistically) be thirsty, I'll get to meet them all. Which, according to Rebecca and Cait's estimates, could reach 150 people. I probably ought to be more stressed out than I am, but somehow what I feel is pure excitement. This is what I love: a big task, a new challenge, and the glorious freedom to create whatever I envision. And in this case, it's an array of attitude-charged mocktails.



  1. SO stinking excited for you for this event, Rache. OH my gosh. =D

  2. You blew us away with these drinks! Your style and skill set the atmosphere for the night! And we appear to have had many more than 150!! :) thanks for being a part of our first event! -Rebecca