Picnic Like A Champ

Picnics are so much fun. There's something so awesome about throwing caution to the wind (sometimes literally) and sitting outdoors eating lunch with friends. I don't think solitary picnics are a thing. I mean, you can eat outside by yourself but does it really qualify as a picnic? I doubt it. Because picnics are, above all, about enjoying the company of friends in an informal setting. Still, I'll be the first to tell you that if you don't think ahead just a little, your picnic will be less Box Hill and a deal more like this diagram:

So to prevent your picnic from being 30% wondering about the whereabouts of goose poop, I've prepped a quick check-list of five things to keep the discomfort at bay. They are as follows:

1.) Bring a blanket - no one likes to sit on itchy grass. Mosquitoes are bound to find you.
2.) Bring something to drink - worst feeling ever is knowing you're stuck in a remote location for at least another forty minutes while eating (presumably) sandwiches. Without water.
3.) Do not bring food that needs a fork or spoon - regardless of careful preparation, forks and spoons always go missing and you're left eating pudding with your pinky fingers...and finding yourself very sticky withall.
4.) Pack napkins - I know we all like to think ourselves very adult, but I assure you that someone will spill something (double points if they're minimalistically wearing white to match their Instagram aesthetic) and you'll be an instant hero. Cloth or paper, napkins are necessary.
5.) Choose a shady place - sunshine has this unnerving habit of seeming not so hot until you're thoroughly established in a place with all the picnic paraphrenalia, and then beaming out in a positively Serengeti way. A sunny picnic might sound nice (free tans!) but unless the temperature is truly mild, you'll be much happier with the choice to picnic in the shade and play in the sun.

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