NYC: What I'm Wearing

I'm in NYC this weekend. Don't you love how casually I managed to say that while inside I'm all varieties of excited, nervous, thrilled, and trying to remember how the subway system works. I know I'm going to adore the city and I can't wait to be there on a semi-solo fling with my sister. We'll be there a grand total of under seventy-two hours; can't get all of it done, I know. But isn't that the joy of NYC? There is always something undiscovered. Our list is long and full of food and walking and walking and food, but I will positively be making a stop at Wafels & Dinges, at the Plaza Hotel for tea, at Tiffany's, and at the Manus x Machina exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Planning has been surreal -
"Sorry,  can't make it. I'll be in New York City this weekend."
Of course I'm also extremely concerned with not being taken for a tourist. I don't know why this preoccupation is so popular - there is literally a plethora of articles on how to dress so you aren't taken for a tourist. But whatever the reason, choosing my wardrobe so that it did not immediately scream YOU'RE A NEWBIE TO THE CITY took a little time. I wanted cute shoes but I wanted shoes I could walk in that won't aggravate February's ankle injury. I wanted clothes that won't make me swelter, but I opted out of wearing shorts. The funny bit about this is that New York City is probably the one place on Planet Earth where literally no one will question your fashion choices. That being said, the ghost of Miranda Priestley haunted me enough to make them above reproach. Besides, I'm also prepared to unexpectedly meet one of my journalistic heroes, Brandon Staunton and be immortalized on Humans of New York. Here, then, is what I'll be wearing.

White jeans (Old Navy - exact)
Black athleisure pants (Ralph Lauren - similar)
1 button down blouse (Gloria Vanderbilt)
4 assorted sleeveless blouses
1 pair black sandals (Merona - exact)
1 pair espadrilles (dv Ottie - exact)
1 pair point-toe flats (Bandolino)

A dress will also be thrown into the mix but I'm not sure which one I will take. Either one of my trusty LBDs or the Sur le Seine off-shoulder dress. But isn't that rather un-New York? Regardless, I'm excited at the level of comfort afforded by packing this way. After all, any of the pieces can mix with any of the other pieces with hardly a hitch between. It's a happy day for the spontaneous part of my clothes-loving heart.