Gallery Wall Update

Greetings from the depths of Things Yet To Be Done. I'm just here for a quick update on the Gallery Wall project (This is different than The Gallery Life, but I understand your confusion). I popped into Goodwill a few weeks back looking for some frames to re-purpose for my art wall. First of all, can we talk about the fact that I don't want to pay more than two dollars for the frame of something I intend to gut wholesale, spray-paint gold, and fill with something far more attractive than the gauche sketch of a lurid looking parrot you thought was a good idea to hang on your wall sometime around 1988? Still, I caved and bought a large frame because it had character. The frame held, ironically enough, a sketch of the Governor's Palace in Williamsburg - one of my favorite places in the world. At this point I felt kind of bad about gutting the thing, but my gallery wall. Then I brought it to the checkout line and had a long and heart-warming chat with the woman in front of me about how much we love Williamsburg and the result is that now, though it doesn't fit the aesthetic of my wall, I feel a little bad about ripping it to pieces. I probably will, but I might need to have a brief moment of respectful silence for the death of something good. I'm so excited about this project. The pieces I've highlighted below are just the start. Some of them will like change as my vision solidifies, but so far so good. Our downstairs is painted with a palette of (mostly) muted purples and grays so since we are aiming to hang this gallery wall either in my room (which I want to paint plum) or in our stairwell (which already looks onto the amethyst vista of the dining room), colors that coordinate well with those shades are essential. I want to have some original pieces, some graphic pieces, some large, some small, some quirky, some good. And above all I want it to reflect a bit of my personality and the personality of our family.

In the pictures you'll see a random map of Greece spread over the Williamsburg sketch - I plan to replace this with a map either of Virginia, of Washington D.C., or of London. The jury's still out on which of my three favorite places will make it into the frame. Probably whichever I find at a good price. I'm eagerly looking forward to two prints from my favorite Etsy print shop, History in High Heels - art is one of those funny things. As an artist I could make a case for not buying anything, trying to mock it up myself. But I like supporting other artists and I think it lends far more color to a gallery when there is more than one artist involved. Here, then, is my burgeoning collection for this Gallery Wall project. It will probably shift - pieces changed, re-sorted, or omitted entirely. But I'm so pleased with how things are jiving so far!

But this product is the real hero - of my mocktail exhibit, of my gallery wall, of my life basically:

Can't wait to share more updates as the art gallery grows! 


  1. I came back to discreetly copy your black tea frosting recipe, but I'm glad I saw this, too! I never thought about painting frames. You're right; they're SUCH a pain to buy new.

  2. I love spray paint (thank-you Pinterest). I finally got around to spray painting some glass bottles I had copper (I also want to finish out the set with silver and gold), and my sister used a frosted spray on hers. I also love the idea of spray painting shells.

  3. Great idea, to paint the frames.