Vlog: How To Build A Care Package

Good Morning, Friends! As promised, I finally have a "How To Build A Care Package" video for your viewing pleasure. I had such fun recording this vlog (complete with wearing a peel-off face mask) and I hope you find it both enjoyable and informative. Thanks for watching!


  1. I love yooooouuuuuu <3 And I love my care package. And full disclosure, I watched this because I miss you and your dear heart and thoughtfulness is SO appreciated. All the time. <3

  2. *loves Rachel's Vlogs*
    I will admit when I came to your page and all I saw was BRAINS on your t-shirt the first thing that ran through my mind.
    "Oh great...Rachel is a zombie now."

    This vid is GREAT! Wonderful tips.

  3. Random fact:Brown sugar is often called BLACK sugar in other countries. At least, I asked for brown sugar in Taiwan, and they were like...we don't have that but we have BLACK sugar....and they brought me to the brown sugar...but it's called BLACK over there. Go figure.

  4. Loved this vlog!
    The thing about sending men's cologne is that it's like a boyfriend in a box.... ;)

  5. I enjoyed this vlog! Thanks for sharing tips on care packages!