Smoked Salmon Cherry Bombs

During my month-long #BrightenUp challenge I spent a lot of time and energy trying to find enough protein to satisfy what seemed like a forever-unsatisfied appetite. I did fine without dairy. I (mostly) successfully avoided soy. I didn't miss sugar. But because I wasn't eating much dairy and was avoiding carbs, my energy level was a constant struggle to keep up. I definitely didn't ace this aspect of my challenge every week. Week 3 of the official challenge was the worst. I skipped all but two dinners that week because of schedule issues, ate mainly vegetables and nuts, and skidded into the weekend so worn out, tired, and hangry I felt like crying. Definitely not how a happy-belly makes you feel. Still, there were many small victories and among them were the development of a pretty smoked-salmon appetizer I refer to as "cherry bombs." They can be eaten as a snack, served at a party, or eaten while grilling you real-deal dinner on a Friday night. I swear, guys, smoked salmon was essentially my #survivalfood during the busiest days of my #BrightenUp challenge.


Smoked Salmon "Cherry Bombs"

1 carton cherry tomatoes
3 Tablespoons organic cream cheese or crème fraîche
1 package smoked salmon "trimmings"
1 Tablespoon chia seeds (for garnish)

1.) Halve cherry tomatoes and spread with a smear of cream cheese or dollop of crème fraîche. Top with smoked salmon and chia seeds.


  1. There truly is nothing like the throes of diet-restriction-induced hunger to make a woman creative (and dangerous XD). I'll have to give these a go! I love tomatoes with cream cheese & basil, but I like that this is a step up from that with the added protein of the salmon. :)