Shift in Pink

I'm not always a huge fan of pastels but when something can pair white lace with an under-layer of hot pink to achieve a similar look, I'm on board. I found this dress from H&M at a consignment store for 50% off...which meant that I got it for $5. FIVE DOLLARS. I mean, sure, it's a simple dress but the tank-top I wear as part of my pajamas cost $9 from Target. This dress cost half that much and I am going to wear the death out of it all summer long. Cool, fun, and comfortable - what's not to love?

Dress: H&M (consigned)
Shoes: Merona (exact)
Necklace: (old)


  1. It's soo pretty love the colors. Pink looks great on you!

  2. Tres CHIC and so effortless, my gorgeous friend