Five Ways To Get Ahead In Busy Seasons

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No matter how on top of life you are, anyone living-breathing human will tell you that ife is going to swamp you like the New Orleans levees during Hurricane Katrina. Though that might not be the most inspiring sentence I've ever written, it's the truth and I love anticipating those seasons of life and having a plan for how to woman up and ride them through in triumph. It might be a hectic work schedule, approaching college finals, family stress, a break-up, or a move. But whatever the case, I've gathered five ways to feel like you're getting ahead in life:

Make Lists – Those of you who aren't planners think you hate lists. I'm not exactly a planner either. I like to go off-list if I take it into my head to. But making a list is one of those essential activities that frees up brain-space, much like dumping your phone to the iCloud. I can stop thinking about all the things I have to do if I put the whole lot down on paper. Feel free to add things you've already accomplished in the day. Actually, make it mandatory. Write down “put away laundry” and “make bed” and smile glibly as you strikethrough.

Mop a Floor – Do you know how few people really mop their floors? We all know those people who mop their floors religiously at least once a week but I have a feeling many of us are not that sort of people. Our kitchen and bathrooms get mopped frequently but the rest of the hardwood flooring goes long stretches of time between washes. Sorry, Mama, I'm not sure I'm supposed to tell people that. Still, living in the country on a piece of property with a dirt driveway, upkeep is difficult. So if you really want to get ahead of the game, the first thing you'll do is mop your floor. It's such an amazing feeling to have that done. Mentally you're basically a queen.

Shave Your Legs – Don't look at me like that! You know you 100% are guilty of occasionally planning outfits around how recently you've shaved. Even if I plan to wear jeans the following day, I adore giving myself a fresh shave. Again with the mental edge! In ten minutes I've changed from the Charmin Bear to the Little Mermaid fresh out of her deal with Ursula. Try it.

Paint Your Toenails – Go with some audacious, ridiculously wonderful color and give yourself the grace of having removed the old coat of polish first. We all know nail-polish cracks at a sneeze but toenail polish could survive a nuclear invasion. Take it off and put a new color on, give yourself a foot massage, and wear sandals a week straight. Dare ya!

Come Straight Home From Work – I seldom realize how little I am at home until I purposely cut out any errands or outings after work. When I get home by 5:30, it's amazing what little jobs, projects, or creativity I have time for! This is one of my favorite life-hacks: coming home early. It's ridiculous what thirteen hours at home versus seven or eight will do for your sanity.

So here's to thriving survival and all the small changes that make the long weeks more than bearable! I hope you've got relaxing time in your summer but if you, like some of my friends, are nose to the grindstone, I wish you all the best!

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  1. Great tips, I make too many lists, but it feels good to make them.