Boden Ponte Dress

"Baby you a song; you make me want to roll my windows down and cruise..."
When I feel like Summertime, I feel like Boden. Unfortunately my budget doesn't always love Boden as much as I do so when I find a Boden piece on ThredUp or at a consignment store it's pretty much the best thing ever, even above guacamole. Though depending on how long it had been since I had guac I might still choose the guacamole...this red ponte dress is the most comfortable thing to wear. My favorite thing about Boden is the fact that many of their dresses and skirts come with pockets. Pockets are the only thing keeping a girl from feeling full-blown POWERFUL when wearing a skirt. When you add pockets to the deal, you're empowering women everywhere. And Boden gets that. I promise this isn't a paid promotion - I just love this dress an awful lot. The nautical print. The weight. The cut. The length. It's a fiiiiiiiiine dress.


Dress: Boden
Sandals: Merona


  1. You are KILLING IT with the poses, girl. (Three cheers for dresses with pockets! I've always said that when I one day develop my own clothing line, pockets are going to be non-negotiable. :)

  2. your Schuyler sister pose is the BEST.
    and I adore this dress!