Vlog: Snail Mail & Small Talk

Today's vlog is a week late due to scheduling dilemmas so forgive the erroneous date details about Princess Charlotte's birthday. Also, many thanks to my sister for doing the uploading for me - without her this vlog would have been excessively outdated by the time it got up. Hope you enjoy discussing henna, wedding flowers, care packages, and how to make small-talk! Cheers!


  1. I would LOVE a coffee vlog (esp if you're gonna show us how to make hipster coffee drinks at home instead of spending money on them!;)

  2. I was busy this week, so I didn't watch this till today, but THANK YOU for it!!! I'm an introvert, so the conversation tips were amazingly helpful, but also comforting that an extrovert can feel nervous at conversation starting as well!
    Also, you're really pretty :)
    Looking forward to the next vlog!

  3. Great tips on small talk and just taking a leap and being the one to initiate conversation. I'm not one to do that always so it was good encouragement! Also, snail mail is amazing! Not overrated at all. Looking forward to hearing about the 'perfect care package!' :)