Thursday, May 5, 2016

Met Gala Gowns: My Top Picks

I've wanted to attend the Met Gala since I first read about in Amanda Brook's entertaining book, Always Pack A Party Dress. There is something exciting about an event so exclusive, so star-studded, so artistically on point. I would love to have to slide sideways into a limousine and come in on the arm of my date, scooting past Tom Hiddleston and then stopping and exchanging a laugh with him because of course he'd know me. Then I'd hang out with Mindy Kaling, gawk over Emma Watson's gorgeous style, and generally have an amazing night of it. But even as a peasant who can only look on these lovelies from afar, the Met Gala is one of my favorite fashion nights of the year. This years them of "Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology" delivered so much to admire, so much to think strange, and so much to make one's jaw drop. My top three favorite looks were as follows:

Emma Watson in Calvin Klein:

Watson's pants-gown combo was made of three different varieties of thread woven from recycled plastic bottles. Queen of Trash? She rocks the title and the gown like nobody's business.

Claire Danes in Zac Posen:

As the muse for Zac Posen, Danes wore a perfectly princess-like gown which, on first glance, looks like a fairly average silvery, pale-blue dress with a classic silhouette. It wasn't till the lights went out that you could see the gown was actually woven with fiber-optic threads which glowed an ethereal blue in the dark.

Karolina Kurkova in Marchesa

I have loved Marchesa gowns since seeing so many worn beautifully at the Oscars and Golden Globe award ceremonies this season, so when the designers created a truly futuristic gown wired to change color based off the reaction of fans on Twitter, I wanted to clap. Well done. Beautiful dress perfectly matching the theme? Where can I sign up for one?

Which were your favorite gowns of the night?


  1. My favorite has to be Claire Danes's, which my mom loved too. Not only did the light look incredible, but the shape of the skirt is gorgeous, too.



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