Wedding Wear: Southern Charm Edition

I'm in my early twenties and I think the disease killing the most friends of mine isn't AIDS or Ebola or Asian Bird Flu or whatever people are currently suffering from. I think the disease they're all getting is Wedding Fever. My cousin is getting married today (Saturday) and as you read this, I'm probably running pins into my fingertips as I try to pin boutonnieres on the especially tall groomsmen. I got to try my hand at being The Florist this time. The responsibility is libel to kill me and I'm writing this the day before I'm supposed to pick up the flowers from the wholesaler and keep them alive (gasp) till Saturday afternoon. Not to mention, you know, carting them three hours West and arranging them and all that jazz. I'm fairly confident that, armed with three of my sisters and plenty of experience as Assistant Florist, I will be able to pull it off. Let's just pray those roses don't go jiggly. I'm looking forward to sharing pictures and the probably boundless series of near-scrapes that'll come from it, so stay tuned. For now, welcome to the first outfit in a long line of What I'll Be Wearing to all these weddings in the coming months. I sound peeved, but here's a secret: I really love weddings.

Because it's Virginia and the weather swings wildly from "Chilly but nice" to "Here, it's super humid and devilishly hot to why don't you fry an egg on the hood of your car?" I wanted to wear something no-fuss. Something I can haul around bridesmaids bouquets in without fearing something will slip or show or otherwise be a bother. I adore the late 1950's-early 1960's feel to this dress and the subtle sheen of the fabric, plus the fact that the interesting details are in the back, not the front (what is up with me and back-details this week?). I swiped on purple lipstick to break up the total June Cleaver look and literally rats'-nested by workday second-day hair into something remotely vintage-inspired. Because let's be real: that's how you roll when you're a florist for someone's Best Day Ever.

This dress makes me smile. Why? Because surrounding it are several beautiful and very happy memories. I wore it for the first time last August to the wedding of a friend. There were several firsts surrounding this occasion:

First outing in Norfolk with a girl who has since become my closest local friend
First time trying No Frill Grill's grilled tuna quesadilla
First time visiting Cure Coffeehouse & Brasserie which has since become my favorite place
First time getting a near-stranger to zip me up
First time going to a wedding solo
First time going to a wedding at a yacht club
First time going to a wedding where I only knew five people
First time getting a flat tire by myself
First time getting out on the dance floor and making a fool of myself even though I can't dance and I don't drink so I didn't even have the alcohol-induced "I don't care" to bolster my courage.

I also received one of my favorite compliments ever because of this dress - the kind of complimente you store in your file of Best Compliments Of Your Life To Date. Yeah, this dress has good memories. And I'm thrilled to be wearing it now, pricking my fingers with corsage-pins for the sake of my dear cousin, Matthew. Congratulations to you and Amy, kid. I can't wait to see where your adventures take you.


  1. Ohh I love this so much, Rache. You look beautiful!

  2. I love everything about this outfit and your hair is lovely. Is your hair naturally curly?

    1. It's naturally prone-to-movement and is generally wavy.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Skye! A find from Ross, actually.

  4. Love your dress and your wit, as always!

    1. Aw, thanks! I was so relieved to find an unusual but great style. :)