Denim Review: Torrid Shorts

In "difficulty to find the right fit," shorts come directly after jeans for me and thousands of other curvy girls around the world. Enter Torrid, a plus size clothing retailer. As a 12/14, I ride that edge between plus size and not, so I hadn't really thought to check Torrid for shorts. Thankfully, a convenient rainy-day trip to the mall with all my siblings ended with me popping into Torrid, catching a sale, and coming home with shorts I will love all spring and summer. I love the fit, the flexibility, and the style of these shorts. I love the length and the rise and all of it. 

Shorts: Torrid (exact)
Sweater: Ross
Lipstick: PBJ Smoothie Stick in "Guava Nice Day" (exact)

Formerly, I had avoided wearing shorts. I mean, I know I don't have the best legs in the entire world and showing more rather than less of them seemed counter-productive, so generally when I did wear shorts, I wore Bermuda shorts. But here's the thing: Bermuda shorts just don't look great on me so I don't feel great wearing them so I didn't wear them. But in these shorts, though my legs aren't toned or even tanned and I have to bother shaving extra high, I feel great. And that's really what style is all about isn't it? Wearing something you love because you love it, not because it is approved by the General Populace. And no, Torrid didn't ask or pay me to do this review. I just want to let any woman size 12 and up that there are shorts that fit, there are shorts that you will feel great it, and you might start your search for the perfect pair of denim shorts at the nearest Torrid store. You're welcome. 

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