Balsamic Maple Oranges

Do you ever get tired of the same breakfast or dessert toppings?  I freely admit that I'm always a sucker for chocolate shell on ice cream, caramel sauce on ice cream, and hot fudge on ice cream. I'm always a fan of butter on toast. I'm usually a fan of almond butter, I avoid peanut butter unless I'm really incredibly un-thirsty. I don't find maple syrup terribly amazing. I adore sauerkraut...but you don't put that on breakfast foods or dessert unless you're the most dedicated German monk or something. So when a random flavor combination wins points by making totally inedible attempts at recipe-less gluten free pancakes edible, you know it deserves a post of its own. Meet supreme'd oranges with balsamic maple syrup:

Balsamic Maple Oranges

1 large orange or other citrus fruit, supreme'd (video instructions here)
2 tablespoons high quality balsamic vinegar
2 tablespoons real maple syrup

1.) Mix all ingredients together and serve over-top vanilla ice cream, pancakes, or on biscuits with a dollop of whipped cream.

And in other news? Never try to make gluten free pancakes without a recipe. It just doesn't end well. I was being lazy and instead of looking up a recipe I thought, "*snort* Gluten free pancakes don't taste good anyway. What could go wrong?" Yeah. Let's just say, I was very, very thankful for my little balsamic maple oranges. They made breakfast bearable and I could have drunk some of that maple balsamic, it was so good. 


  1. I'm so glad you made your GF pancakes edible! Told ya balsamic could be used with sweet things. ;)
    Oh and now I want pancakes. Thanks a bunch. XD