March Etc.

Winter came and left politely with not much fuss and not much bother for us. A snow day or two. Some slush. A few very cold days and a good many mild ones. Spring was well on its way before the calendar said so. In fact, the first day of spring was rather a disappointment, temperatures being in the mid-forties after we had experienced so many days of hope-filled seventies. Nevertheless, I went outside to capture a bit of springtime around the home. My herb bed is still asleep, save the lone narcissus bulb I planted in the far right corner after having purchased it from the Colonial Williamsburg gardens. Two new little piggies are promising more delicious bacon and sausage. Our burgeoning orchard is throwing its party best out of its spindly, newborn limbs. The family has been repainting the entire downstairs. All the colors because it has been butter yellow far too long. It is spring and we are grateful.

In Saveur Magazine this month, they feature my beloved Lake District of England. I went to sleep dreaming of it and woke up to the first day of spring feeling very English indeed. There was nothing for it but to put a biscuit-colored sweater on top of my overly-ambitious (for the weather) sundress and tote a cup of coffee around all day. Oh, Lakes. I love you already.


  1. BEAUTIFUL! I would indeed love to visit the Lake District as well. Thank you for the inspiring post!

  2. Such gorgeous forsythia! And yes, the Lakes are very beautiful - my vote is generally for Ullswater or Derwent Water as queen of that peerless group.

    1. Thanks for the tip, Katy. I love how blogging enables people who actually live within reach of all these dream destinations to weigh in with which area is best. It's so snug.

  3. It's my dream to one day live in England.