Travel Eats: Winter Edition

Hey, Loves! We're only in the front half of February and already I've managed to scrape together enough road-trips to warrant a "things I've eaten on the road" post. In my opinion, one of the best parts of travel is the chance to try new foods, new restaurants, and new trends. Sometimes I stumble onto gems, other times I seek them out. One of my favorite tactics (short of asking locals their opinion) is to conduct rather specific Google searches ("Best coffee shop in Georgetown neighborhood, DC") and to read the posts that come up. Once I've heard a place mentioned more than once, I start leaning their way. If the place is mentioned three or four times, I know I've found a winner. After all, accounts of first-hand experiences are always better than general travel-board postings, right? In that spirit, I'm sharing the food I've encountered and what I thought of it. I love hearing about the foods people are exploring, especially if I end up anywhere near the recommended place! I have Rend Collective's "Guide to Good Coffee" waiting in my traveling-wings.

Baine's Books & Coffee - Appomatox, Virginia: I hit this place in January on a day when a freak snow-storm almost forced me home as soon as I'd got my chai latte in hand. This place is fun to browse while drinking your coffee, and whomever is in charge of stocking the children's book section really knows their stuff. I give their chai 5 out of 10 stars on my #chaiquest

Cure Coffee - Norfolk, Virginia: So this isn't a place I have to actually road-trip to, per se, but it is an hour off. Cure is in the historical Freemason neighborhood of Norfolk on a cobblestone street bordered by the Hague River. I recommend ordering the cheese & charcuterie board and the churro latte. Also, the affogatos are amazing.

Penny Path Cafe & Crepe Shop - High Point, North Carolina: In a visit rife with stress and illness of every short, Penny Path crepe shop was...well...the high point. Ask Siri where the best place to eat in High Point is and she'll direct you to Penny Path. We tried "The Kitchen Sink" crepe and the "Fruit Cheesecake" crepe. One was savory, one sweet, both amazing. The crepes are large enough to share and run about $8-$10 apiece. Atmosphere is funky, kinda weird, but unique in a cool way. Decent coffee, too.

DC Cupcakes - Georgetown, Washington DC: I had experienced the lovely cupcakery work of sisters Sophie and Katherine before in the Buckhead district of Atlanta, but was able to try the original site's cupcakes last weekend. Pro-tip: follow the company on Twitter for tweets about the daily "secret" and off-menu flavor free to the first hundred people who ask for it by name. It works and is a great way to snitch a cupcake fo' free.

Dean & DeLuca - Various locations: My visit to this amazing, high-class, over-priced grocery store was a surprise, actually! I hadn't realized that Georgetown boasted a location, though I'd been wanting to go since my sisters went to the NYC store and Alissa over Adored Life went to one in her state. We spent nearly an hour wandering around and gawking at chanterelles, tasting anchovies ("the way they're supposed to taste," sampling gummy bears and cinnamon hearts and hot tea from the friendliest sample-man named Frank, sampled toast with ham and mustard, watched a guy just walk in there and shop for groceries and began to wonder what sort of gazillionaire he must be, watched a dad and his adorable baby, and drooled over the chicken pesto pasta. It was a good trip.

Booeymongers - Georgetown, Washington DC: Don't let the gross-sounding name fool you. Four of us went into this place, each one ordered a different sandwich, and no one was even mildly unimpressed. I recommend the "Miami Burger" which is essentially a bagel with cream cheese, smoked salmon, onion, tomato, lettuce, and lemon juice. Amazing. Absolutely no atmosphere, but fantastic food.

Baked & Wired - Georgetown, Washington DC: Apparently I did nothing in Georgetown but eat and wish I could afford everything in the Kate Spade store just up the street from this coffee shop. Baked & Wired is a cute little store split exactly halfway down the center - one side is a bakery with cupcakes that supposedly rival any other in the district, the other side is a coffee shop with a simple menu and high-quality product. I ordered an iced chai tea latte which I gave 7 of 10 stars to. It was a little too sweet, but otherwise wonderful with  nice punch of real spices. My brother ordered a nitro-infused cold-brew coffee which he let me taste. It was amazingly smooth and creamy without a trace of milk, and had a foam almost like a draft beer. I recommend this coffee shop on the strength of its coffee and its proximity to Kate Spade.

This week has me popping over to Gatlinburg, TN for a conference reunion and I'm certain more road-trip food will join the ranks. Till next time, keep your wheels on the road and your head in the game.


  1. Fantastic list! Now when I go back to the east, I'll have some good places to go to. :)

    I'm collecting my Central Oregon list while I am here, and plan on posting it sometime.

  2. All of that food sounds mouthwatering, it's been too long since I have had a crepe.

  3. You're coming to Gatlinberg! Let me know if you're popping close enough to Nashville for a visit. <3