The Girl In The Aubergine Frock

Having decided that the shade of purple we call "plum," "eggplant," or "aubergine" is my signature color, I've spent a little time on Pinterest putting together a color board with clothing and other inspiration. Happily enough, I already own several aubergine items, including my winter coat so building the set won't be as difficult as it could be if I had chosen some other color. I love the rich tones of this particular shade and its cousins, mulberry, claret, and Bordeaux. I love how it is almost a neutral itself and yet quite the statement as well. Aubergine. It's my jam.

Have you settled on a signature color?


  1. Tis' a lovely color. I think black would be my signature color, but I'm trying to mix it up this year.

  2. Love this color--and YOU. <3 I think of you every time I see the hue somewhere.
    I think my signature color would be blue--navy and/or royal, mostly, but all shades. LOL I have a LOT of it. Especially navy.

  3. This is one of my very favorite colors, especially in fashion! I shall jaunt over to your pinterest board forthwith ;)

  4. Very lovely! My signature color is usually either coral or navy. Love you pick!

    1. Ooo! Coral and navy are great colors, either on their own or combined!

  5. My colors are chocolate brown and grey :)