Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Georgetown: Cozy in Plaid

I spent last weekend in Georgetown, DC (finally!). While there, "take cool pictures" was on my sisters' to-do list and, because I had brought my camera along with my overloaded iPhone, we took the opportunity to snap a few photos of my comfy-casual outfit worn on for a chilly day along the Potomac. Fun fact: this stone wall belongs to a mansion built for the first ever Secretary of the Navy. It's a beautiful, beautiful house and if I look somewhat abashed, it might be because so many people were walking by.

vest: Old Navy 
jeans: Old Navy
shoes: unknown
sweater: Worthington
tam: Amazon.com

I found the vest a couple weeks ago at Old Navy and am so happy to have snatched it up! It is insanely warm and has the added benefit of two front pockets so I can do the whole hamster-hands thing and store lots of bobby pins + my phone without any trouble. Do you have a cozy-weather item you adore?



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