Casual Chic: Denim + Black

Recently I've been employing the tactic of buying only things I absolutely love. If I'm out shopping, I'll often take something off the rack, carry it around with me a while, admit that I like it, and put it back on the rack. I want to be sure that I'm investing in things that I will wear to death - that I will love so much I can't bear to leave it in the closet. This sleeveless black top with "gemstone" detail is one such item. I love the simplicity and versatility of it. The fact that I can wear it solo or with a blazer or cardigan. How I could tuck it in a skirt or wear it as-is with a favorite pair of jeans. 

blouse: TJ Maxx
jeans: Old Navy
bracelet: borrowed

When purchasing new items, I'm currently looking for neutrals that cross the seasons and are "wearable" throughout the year. What is on your shopping list?

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  1. I love the look of dark denim jeans with a chic, simpler top. It makes for an incredibly comfortable yet classy look. You pulled this off super well! So pretty.
    (Also, I never commented on your "how to purchase the right eyeglasses" post, but the pairs that you bought are insanely adorable, and look great on you! When I was purchasing a new pair eyeglasses almost two years ago, I decided to get outside my comfort zone fashion wise and buy a cute pair of statement glasses, and it was a wonderful choice. I still love them, and they seriously go with everything.)