Tzarina: My Winter Wardrobe Favorites

Though Winter has seemed to take forever to make it to Virginia this year, I've done pretty well preparing for it. First, of course, I found my plum-colored pea-coat and invested in one of those priceless roller-tape things to take off a year's worth of dust, lint, and cat-hair. Then I punched it a few times and hung it up so the lumps might shake out. It accidentally spent most of the former twelve-months in a heap on the attic floor. Between last fall/winter season and this, in addition to resurrecting the errant wool coat, I've added a few can't-do-without pieces to my wardrobe. They are as follows:

- knee-high black boots (exact)
- arm-knit infinity scarf (instructions here)
- elbow-length cashmere gloves
- fur hat

Yes, I know I'm basically a Tzarina at this point, but when the chilliness of winter comes and I'm at work in a house that is over 100 years old, clothes get extra points for suggle-factor. My boots were originally purchased for my brother's wedding - as a bridesmaid, we were standing the entire time outside in frigid weather in thin chiffon (sleeveless) gowns. The boots were a concession, since the gowns were floor-length anyway. I've worn them to death ever since. The arm-knit scarf is something that takes two skeins of chunky yarn (total cost: $8) and about forty minutes of time. Knit it up and you'll never want to take this thing off. Think a cat wrapped eternally around your neck, minus the claws. I was given the elbow-length cashmere gloves by my little girls for Christmas and, though they are risky to wear while carrying my laptop (slippery!) they're the warmest, softest, most kittenlike things imaginable. And the hat. You knew that was coming, didn't you? I purchased it in an antique store several weeks back. I couldn't leave it there - it actually looked good on me, and I knew I'd regret it if I left the hat there. After some debating, it came home with me and I haven't looked back. I looked up How To Be Reasonably Certain It's Real Fur and my hat passes pretty much all the tests. Hurray! Real fur for the win. Or....or am I not supposed to say that because of animal cruelty laws? I hope this martin or mink or otter or what-have-you was trapped under polite circumstances and treated like a gentleman for the remainder of his (brief) life.

What are your winter must-haves?


  1. I *LOVE* the fur hat. What a great antique store find! Shopping at antique stores is something I wish I did more often.

  2. I love that all the pieces have a story about them. Those gloves look so soft.

  3. All of these staples are great! I especially love your fur (Why on earth did I just type that as "fir" AHEM! anyhoo.) hat, although I am most definitely sure that I would not be brave enough to wear it. Combined with my poofy hair it would probably look as though I had perched a small beaver or squirrel on top of my head. :)

    I have a quick question if you have a minute. If I am not being delusional and confusing you with someone else's Instagram account, I think you recently bought a new laptop, and I am wondering what kind you got and if you have any pros and cons about it. I have finally reached a decision to invest in one, but don't have any idea where to start. I did see your photo of it with your lovely Audry decal and it is absolutely perfect!

    1. Haha! I did buy a laptop! Mine is a 15" HP Envy laptop. :)